In our Research Working Group you have the chance to work with scientific methods to support our endeavours with numbers and data. We will check reports that are published by other organisations and see if we can use their data for our region and we will write and publish reports in relation to the BSYP projects.  


We often have great ideas and a lot of supporters but if we want to convince those who are not convinced yet, we need only one thing: facts. We need data to support our assumptions and we need more than only our own views. Therefore, we will work with various Reports that have been published and check the data to show how our region is doing specifically. 

We will work with quantitative and qualitative data. You get the chance to familiarise yourself with R or other statistical programmes, as well as with methods of working scientifically in a qualitative way.
But do not worry, this is a work in progress and it's perfectly fine to learn things on the way. We will support each other and we will grow as a team and as individuals. 

You can suggest your own project or get ideas for your Bachelor's or even Master's thesis that can be useful for you and us. 
We are happy to suggest topics or help you in finding data on your topic. 

One of our projects is to establish the Universitas Baltica. You can find more information here

If you want to support our project, please do not hesitate to contact us at any point.